ClickCease What Businesses Can Expect During The Flood Restoration Process

What Businesses Can Expect During The Flood Restoration Process

water damage cleanup equipment lined up on floors of a commercial building

When your business floods it can cost you a lot of money. Not only are your assets damaged, but you can also lose money from the disruption to your business operations. After a flood, it’s important to work with a professional water damage repair company. They will work hard to salvage what was lost, get your team back up and running as quickly as possible, and make sure your office building is safe. If your business floods, here is what you can expect during the water damage repair process.

The Initial Inspection of the Water Damage

When you work with a commercial water damage repair company, the first step in the process is the inspection. Certified inspectors will come out and assess the severity of the damage. If the source of the flooding is still active, they will stop it. Then they will make a plan to remove the standing water, determine what to do with all the salvageable and unsalvageable items, and make a plan to repair any water damage. They will also work with your insurance company to file a claim for the damage and help you recover what you can.

The Water Extraction and Dry Out Process

Once the water damage repair company has made a plan for remediation, the work will begin. The first step in the process is the water damage extraction. This is when the water remediation team removes the water, damaged items, and begins the sanitation process.

This process is highly involved and uses a lot of specialized tools and equipment. During this process, your assets will be removed from the building and assessed to whether or not they are salvageable. Anything that is damaged beyond repair or presents a significant health hazard will be removed and disposed of properly. You will also have a full inventory of everything that is damaged and removed.

Finally, the team will implement the drying process. This usually takes 2-3 days to complete.

The Water Damage Restoration Begins

Once the water is extracted and the drying process is complete, the water damage restoration process begins. During the restoration there is another inspection. This inspection assesses whether or not there has been any structural damage.

This can include everything from repairing the floor to replacing the drywall to fixing the foundation. Depending on the severity of damage, this process can take several days and sometimes weeks. Once everything is repaired and your building is safe, the next step is to implement flood prevention measures.

The water damage repair company will investigate the causes of the flooding and put into place safety measures to help reduce your risks of flooding in the future.

The process of water damage repair requires a lot of specialized skills and expertise. Our team can help you recover from this loss and get your business back up and running again.

With many ears of experience cleaning up flood damage, we have helped businesses across this area recover after a flood. Our knowledgeable team is fully certified and knows exactly the steps to take to get your business back to operational. Give Capital Property Recovery a call today to learn more.

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions and help put a plan together to get you back up and running.