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Things To Consider When Cleaning Up The Water When A Frozen Pipe Bursts

burst pipe spraying water

Water pipes are more likely to burst when they freeze under extremely low temperatures. In fact, when a water pipe is left below 20° F for several hours, it will likely freeze and burst after some time. This can result in a water damage situation on your property.

In fact, the water in the burst pipe will incessantly flow until the supply is turned off from the main water shutoff valve. Hundreds or thousands of gallons of water can flow into your residential or business premises and cause extensive damage to the very structure of the building. The drywall, ceiling, flooring, and your personal possessions can be affected due to this situation.

That is why you need to pay immediate attention to cleaning the premises without any delay. If not, you may have to undergo considerable damage to the property as well as your possessions.

This article provides information on things to consider when cleaning up the water when a frozen pipe bursts.

The pipes that are located in unheated spaces or near external walls are more likely to freeze during the harsh winter season. But any water pipe may freeze if the conditions become worse. In fact, you should know about the signs of a frozen pipe in order to take immediate action so that you can prevent it from bursting. Here are some of the most important signs of frozen pipes:

. Water flows slowly or doesn’t flow at all from the faucets. The water may contain ice crystals at times.
. Water pipes are already covered in frost or ice.
. The outside temperature is below 20° F or -7° C.

Don’t Delay Water Damage Mitigation 

When you have a frozen pipe, you should take immediate action to rectify the situation. If you notice a frozen pipe, you should open the faucet and let the water flow slowly. You can even warm the pipe slowly to prevent it from bursting.

In case the frozen pipe bursts, you should act immediately to reduce the water damage in your property. The first thing to do is to shut off the water supply at its source. If not, the water will keep on flowing from the pipe.

Turn Off the Water Supply To Prevent Further Water Damage

Check the crawl space or basement in your house to locate the shut off valve. Turning off the supply will prevent further water damage to your property. The next thing is to decide whether you want to clean the area yourself or call a professional water damage restoration service in the area. Remove all the furnishing and other belongings from the area. If not, your precious belongings will be damaged in the process.

Call a Restoration company To Begin The Water Extraction

Once you have assessed the situation and removed the furnishing from the area, the next step is to start extracting the standing water from the area. You can use a pump to evacuate standing water from the area. You may rent such a pump from an equipment rental service in the area. But the best way to deal with a water damage situation is to call a professional water damage restoration company.

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