ClickCease 6 Signs That You Need Mold Removal Service

Signs That You May Need Mold Removal Service

peeling walls and ceiling and mold growth

The general rule is to remove the mold as soon as you see it. But mold is not always visible, and this is why you should not rely on seeing it before you get a mold removal service.

Mold grows on the surface of your home and it can cause health problems. Some common effects include respiratory issues, skin and eye irritation, and nasal stuffiness.

People suffering from serious breathing issues such as chronic lung disease or asthma or even allergic to mold can experience even more serious symptoms.

There are some signs you need to look out for because they could signify mold in your home.

How To Detect Mold Growth

Most Odors

If there is mold indoors, it will emit a musty smell. If you start noticing a strange smell inside your home, especially areas that have moisture, then it could be a sign of mold, even though you might not be seeing it.

Standing Water or Water Spots

Has there been a recent flooding incident that resulted in accumulated water on surfaces? Standing water provides a perfect surface for mold breeding. Water stains on surfaces indoors could be also a good place for mold growth because moist surfaces provide a good breeding surface for mold to grow.

Higher Than Normal Humidity

Humidity provides an environment where mold can easily breed. There is a good chance of mold when there is moisture. If you have a humidity of over 60 percent in your home, then you should know you have a higher risk of mold infestation.

Mold Spores or Discoloration

The common form of mold spores is slimy or fuzzy discolorations. There are different colors of mold, they don’t have to be black. Many of the species are visible in white, gray, red, brown, or even hues of pastel colors. There are some that look like fuzz or dust, or even sand granules. If you see any mold spores, you will most likely need to get the services of a mold removal company.

Leaky Pipes

If there are leaky pipes in your home, then you should consider getting mold removal services because there is a high chance of mold growth. Even if the pipes have been fixed, you will need to have a closer look because the mold might have already infested areas around them.

Ventilation Problems

If there are rooms in your home that don’t have proper ventilation, then you should be prepared because the moisture inside is not going to dissipate fast enough, and this provides a good environment for mold growth.

Bathrooms that don’t have exhaust fans or windows can also cause mold problems. You should also ensure there is proper ventilation in your kitchen, especially in areas that come in contact with the steam produced when cooking.

There are people out there who try to deal with the mold problem on their own, but they realize it is not the right option. Bleach is not enough to deal with mold; what it does is remove the color of the mold. Scrubbing will disperse the spores and this can result in contamination of other areas of your home.

Call a Mold Removal Expert Near You

If you have a mold problem in your home, get help from mold removal experts, like Capital Property Recovery. We service your area and we’re available 24/7 to inspect your property for mold and provide fast and effective mold removal solutions.