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Water, Fire and Mold Property Restoration Services
In Severn, MD

The best way to protect the health of your family and staff is to swiftly cure water or flood damage, mold growth, and fire damage at home and your workspaces. However, the first cause of action is to bring everyone to safety before contacting us; we will respond immediately for the cleanup and restoration.

Capital Property Recovery works only with the best professionals in the industry, with sufficient training and ability to respond immediately to stop any further property damage from taking place. Additionally, we employ the best technology for efficient emergency cleanup services. Our commitment is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Signs You Need To Contact Us For Water Cleanup Services In Severn

Water damage can originate from various sources and at any time. More often, water damage is a result of burst pipes or the occurrence of a natural disaster. Luckily, Capital Property Recovery is always ready for whatever disaster regardless of its magnitude. We will help you to quickly take care of:

  • Damage from storm and flood water
  • Water leaks coming from a plumbing failure, faulty appliances like water heaters
  • Overflowing wet areas like toilets and water closets, bathtubs and water sinks, and wash cabinets
  • Drying out flooded basements
  • Water damage from natural occurrences like thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes
  • Clearing sewage backups
  • Clearing floodwater from firefighting or other necessary efforts

Using our advanced equipment and expert knowledge, we will remove all flooded water, trace all hidden moisture, and completely dry and clean your living and business spaces and belongings. Additionally, we use deodorization and sanitizing agents to remove mold and reinstate healthy and safe living and working conditions at home and work.

Reconstruction and Build Back Services For Water Damage

Our team is always ready to rebuild residential and commercial spaces that require restoration services after a cleanup is concluded, to achieve the pre-water damage condition of the affected space. In this process, we may need to carry out some minor repairs such as replacing drywall or installation of a new carpet. In extreme circumstances, major repairs like floor or room reconstruction may be necessary.

The best quality of Capital Property Recovery focuses on simplifying the aftereffects of water damage to your property using the best practice for initial mitigation and space restoration services. Additionally, entrusting the entire space restoration after water damage to a single company saves you time, costs and provides a more simplified mode of communication.

Professional Services For Fire Damage Restoration In Severn, MD

Fire outbreaks at home or work can be dangerous and greatly traumatic, affecting the mental health of the affected occupants. Additionally, fire causes the formation of smoke and soot on the walls and ceilings which is unattractive and a health risk for your family and coworkers.

At Capital Property Recovery, we will dispatch a team of experts who will quickly and thoroughly resolve the aftermaths of fire damage in your residential and commercial property. The restoration service for fire damage includes renovation of the indoor space, removal of fire residues, removal and defusing soot and smoke toxins, and organic deodorization of the damaged housing space.

Our team of experts have been working in the field of disaster recovery and restoration of the environment, and take pride in their many years of professional service and dedication. In that period, we have worked on many types of residential and commercial buildings of varying sizes and designs. When you hire us you are choosing quality smoke removal services, clean up, drying, and decontamination of affected building surfaces.

Also, it is important to note…different hazardous building materials including asbestos and lead react differently to hot conditions, smoke and fires. The best way to guarantee safety to your family or anyone working for you is to reach out to the experts who will resolve the fire or smoke damage and provide quality and transparent services.

Contact Capital Property Recovery if you are looking for the best fire, smoke, and soot renovation services in the Severn area.

Mold Removal and Remediation In Severn, MD

To conclusively address a mold problem you have to find the source of the moisture and “plug the gap”. Mold sometimes referred to as mildew is a form of fungal “infection” in your building as a result of wet, moist, or humid conditions. For this reason, removal of mold is often a tall order if your building premises usually have plenty of water.

Mold often forms in environments with wet conditions like shower rooms. In such circumstances, you may need to have a space redesign to improve ventilation in the room.

Our technical team is eager, committed, and with the necessary tools and professional knowledge to identify the source of mold and remove the mold and try restoring your space to as good as new. Mold removal in itself will not entirely remove all the mold, however, mold remediation is about restoring your property space to healthy condition and appearance.

Remember that mold can be a serious health hazard for you and your family and other people you share the building with.

Because the physiological structure of mold is microscopic, you need rather sophisticated equipment and expertise to remove the mold; unbeknown to many, mold removal is not a simple act of wiping the infected surface with a piece of wet cloth. Additionally, the health dangers caused by mold means that most mold removal is conducted by professional mold treatment and remediation work.

The Steps Involved In Mold Remediation:

  1. Start by isolating the mold – You need to delineate the mold-infested region before you begin demolition, cleaning, or drying the area. This step helps to avert the unintended spread of mold to other areas.
  2. Clean or dispose of any absorbent materials infected by mold – Absorbent surfaces like carpets and fibrous materials on furniture must be thoroughly cleaned by a professional or replaced entirely to tackle the mold. Also, note that cleaning may not completely get rid of all mold and some materials are best thrown away and replaced.
  3. Remove all mold before you clean the infected surface – You have to thoroughly remove all mold as much as you can before using an antimicrobial or biocide spray to clean the surface.
  4. Dry the area – Drying the area is perhaps one of the most important steps for total mold remediation. This step requires air movers and dehumidifiers to remove all the moisture. Additionally, you will require moisture meters to accurately determine if any moisture remains.

You can always contact Capital Property Recovery to help you know how to get rid of any type of mold infection in your building. Call us today! We are eager to offer you quality mold remediation services and keep yourself, your family, and colleagues safe from the dangers of mold infestation at home.

Call Us Today For The Best Property Damage Restoration Services In Severn, MD.

We are a team of professionals who get our work motivation by helping all types of clients whose property seems lost because of water, mold, or fire damage; we will be there for you in your worst times.

Capital Property Recovery has a great reputation with residential and commercial property owners, real estate professionals, facility and property managers who depend on their professional services for all property repair and restoration work. This is because we always get the job done safely and quickly while delivering the utmost quality.

Additionally, Capital Property Recovery can work with your insurance adjuster to prioritize your needs and have your interest pushed to the top of claims received. We will always maintain communication with you throughout the restoration process until the job is done.

Please call us today and let us schedule you for a free consultation meeting. Also, you can ask any questions you may need answers for; we are eager to hear from you!

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Interesting Information About Severn, MD

The CDP of Severn MD is home to nearly 50,000 people, including the Braxtons and quite a few other notable residents. In fact, joining Toni Braxton as residents of Severn are two other famous singers, Erin O’Donnell and Jessica Benson. Located in the northwest corner of Anne Arundel County, Severn is only a short 30-minute drive away from Baltimore and only a 45 minute drive away from the nation’s capital.

Dinosaur Park is one of the top nearby attractions. The park is located at 13200 Mid-Atlantic Boulevard in Laurel Parks. Take the family digging for fossils and see what everyone finds. There are fake dinosaur bones and an imitation egg on display for the kids to enjoy, admission is free, and there are tours and talks scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.

Hell House is another notable attraction nearby Severn. Located at 4 Ilchester Road, Hell House is technically in Ellicott City. The historical ruins are accessed by walking the 2.5-mile nature trail. Hell House used to be known as St. Mary’s College until 1972. While the building was abandoned to ruin and eventually demolished, remnants of the school remain. For example, the gazebo with its altar and a large cross is still on-site. Circulating urban legends throughout the years gave Hell House its current name and put it on the map as a popular place to visit.

Other top attractions in the area include Illusions Magic Bar & Lounge, Laurels House of Horror, and the National Cryptologic Museum. The National Cryptologic Museum is located in Annapolis, which is just a short drive away from Severn. Top restaurants include The Grill at Quarterfield Station, Arturo’s Trattoria, and Little Spice Incorporated. Severn may be home to only one zip code, but the CDP is full of interesting activities, places of historical significance, and beautiful places to enjoy nature.