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Protecting Your Home From Water Damage Due To Heavy Rain

Flooded streets and houses of a neighborhood

This area gets a lot of rain so every homeowner needs to ensure his/her home is well protected from the storms. The risk of flooding is very high which is why you should take appropriate measures to ensure your home is safe.

Here are some of the ways you can protect your home from the rains and the wet season in general…


Proven Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage

1. Check For Drainage With Your Roof and Gutter System

The thought of a flooded house is never a pleasant one. Checking to ensure all drainage channels, including the roof, gutters, and drainage pipe, are in good condition can save you from a nasty surprise should the heavens open.

Have the roof inspected (or do it yourself) for leaks and weak points, and even ensure the gutters are all clean and free of debris.

Gutters play a crucial role in ensuring all the rainwater is drained off the roof should there be a torrential downpour, hence reducing the risk of leaks and flooding.

2. Inspect the Chimney

The chimney can be a weak point on your roof that can lead to leaks. Check to see if there are gaps between the chimney and the roof and have them sealed, if any. Even the smallest of gaps can allow water inside the house, and especially if there’s a storm. You might also want to have a chimney cap installed for additional protection.

3. Ensure The Sump Pump Is In Tip Top Condition

A sump pump is must-have equipment. It helps remove any water (or excess) from the house, and especially in the crawlspace/basement. Simply having a sump pump isn’t enough; it needs to be in the best condition possible.

Be sure to set the pump to ‘automatic’ so that it will come on if there’s water in the basement. This should help protect your home from flooding should there be a heavy downpour while away.

4. Have All Leaks Fixed

Leaky pipes behind the wall, a leaking faucet, and even a leaky roof are a disaster in waiting. Having these leaks fixed before they can get out of hand can save you a lot of trouble in the future. You might also want to keep an eye on the room, and especially watch out for dark spots on the ceiling. Dark spots and water dripping along the wall are a clear sign of a roof leak.

Call The Experts For Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage is the last thing any homeowner would want to deal with. However, if you have been trying to keep your home dry and free from flooding to no avail the next best decision would be to call Capital Property Recovery.

Our water damage mitigation professionals have the training, experience, and equipment required to handle any form of water damage. Call us today.