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Water, Flood, Mold, Fire Damage Restoration
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Has a storm or plumbing mishap caused water damage? Do you have mold? Or, has your property in Lewes, DE been damaged as a result of fire and smoke?

If so, our trained and certified technicians will respond immediately for a complete and thorough damage assessment. We will arrive at your business or residence to begin the cleanup and restoration process as quickly as possible.

Our goal at Capital Property Recovery is to restore your peace-of-mind and your residential or commercial property with expert care and integrity.

Our team is well-equipped to repair and rebuild any structure on your property that is damaged. As a one-stop source for loss mitigation and reconstruction services, you can rest assured that our top priority is always to first determine the ways in which we might be able to save as much of your property’s structure and contents as possible.



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Why Choose Us For Water Damage Cleanup, Mold Remediation, or Fire and Smoke Damage Repair?

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Water damage left behind after an unexpected event can be devastating. Navigating through the aftermath can be an unpleasant experience, but addressing it as quickly as possible is crucial. You can trust the restoration professionals at Capital Property Recovery to handle your particular situation with care and efficiency.

Our team prides itself on responsiveness, 24/7 emergency service, and consistently performing quality work, repairing homes and businesses to how they were before the damage occurred.


With decades of experience, we understand how flood damage can create structural and electrical damage to your property. Over the years, we have seen various situations from plumbing leaks to burst pipes, flooded basements to flooded bathrooms – as well as external weather events that have caused water damage to properties.

Our technicians know how to repair flood damage and perform water mitigation services by cleaning up big water spills, starting the drying process immediately, and providing the best restorations services. Because of our swift response, we can often preserve your floors, walls, and belongings back to their original, pre-damage condition.

We know how difficult navigating the aftermath of flooding damage can be. Capital Property Recovery will be with you every step of the way until you and your loved ones are safely back in your home.


Our expertise also extends to mold remediation services, as mold growth can often occur alongside water damage. With expert knowledge of how to isolate mold damage and properly sanitize surrounding areas, Capital Property Recovery will restore your home to a healthy and safe space for you and your family.

The microscopic nature of mold requires specialized equipment and expertise, and removing it is a complex process that involves much more than just a simple wipe clean of the affected surfaces. Potential health hazards and risk of recurring issues mean that most mold removal situations are often best treated by mold remediation professionals.

Our technicians have the tools and expertise to track the source of mold, and are able to ensure its effective removal from your home. While a professional can’t remove all traces of mold, mold remediation can get your property back to a healthy condition. Mold can cause potential property damage and health issues, so removing the mold as soon as possible is ideal.


If your home or business has suffered from fire, smoke, or soot damage, you probably have many concerns racing through your mind. Capital Property Recovery has a team of trained professionals who know how to tackle the after-effects of fire damage and restore indoor environments, remove all fire residues, neutralize soot and smoke contamination, and perform organic deodorization.

Our seasoned experts have extensive training in smoke removal, cleanup, drying, and decontamination.

Different hazardous materials, such as asbestos and lead, react to fire, heat, and smoke. When dealing with these materials, it’s essential to contact a professional that knows what steps to take to minimize the damage while keeping you and your loved ones safe. We perform the necessary environment and building restoration services to preserve, protect and secure your home or office with thorough cleanliness and environmental safety.


Residential and Commercial property owners, facility and property managers, and real estate professionals turn to Capital Property Recovery when they need any restoration or repair job done quickly, safely, and correctly. We can even deal one-on-one with your insurance adjuster to ensure your interest is the number one priority in a claim.

We strive to be in constant communication with you until the job is done. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation, or call us for any questions. We look forward to serving you!

About Lewes, DE

Delaware is one of the smallest states in the United States and is in the mid-Atlantic region of the country. Lewes in Delaware is an incorporated city in the Cape region of the state that is responsible for the rapid growth in this region.

It started out as a whaling and trading outpost for the Dutch in 1631. It was neglected by the Dutch for a time after its settlers were wiped out by Lenape, who were natives Americans. Maryland colonists then took it over. It was renamed Lewes from its original name Zwaanendael(Swan Valley) in 1682 by William Penn who received it from King Charles II as debt repayment.

Its present population is mainly White, with some African Americans and others. It has a median income of over $ 72000 per family of which it has more than 3000. It is close to U.S. Route 9 if you are getting there by road. You can also reach it by ferry from New Jersey, a crossing that takes more than an hour for the 27km distance it has to cover. You can also get there by rail.

Lewes has a variety of historic attractions that go back a couple of centuries to the time of the Revolutionary War, besides its great fishing and surfing. You can visit the Cape Henlopen State Park and its big recreation area and beach where you can go surfing, swimming and wishing. You can also camp overnight or go biking.

If history is what you are interested in, visit the Cannonball House and Maritime Museum which was built in the 1700s and gives you a lot of art and memorabilia. Or let your children enjoy going on a pirate ship that takes you on a trip complete with water fights and treasure hunts wearing pirate outfits. You can also hike the Breakwater Trail which is six miles in length.

Lewes has many other attractions that can allow you to spend your time there quite well occupied, while you enjoy its balmy weather.