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Outdoor Water Can Find Its Way Into Your Property

damaged garage due to storm and flood

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the only time water from external sources can invade and threaten a home or business is in the event of a big flood. However, the reality is water damage from external sources, while common, rarely comes in the form of a flood that overwhelms doors and windows and rushes into a property.

In many cases, water will find other ways to get in that don’t rely on the brute force of tons of water coming at a property from all directions.

Here are some of the most common ways outdoor water can get inside to cause water damage…


Sometimes the time arrives to extend the area of a property, but the expense of digging out a basement to accommodate this isn’t worth it. Crawlspaces are usually dug out instead, but crawlspaces don’t necessarily receive the same kind of waterproofing and reinforcement that a properly constructed basement typically gets.

It’s not uncommon for crawl spaces to be built with no proper foundation and use normal topsoil as the surface, making them more vulnerable to water seepage from the ground coming in.

Footer/Wall Leakage

The “footer” is a concrete component of the foundation where the structures that will eventually become walls are installed. As a result, a seam of inevitably created at this point where the footer and wall meet, and while this seam can be treated for water penetration, if it’s not done so correctly, not done at all, or just wears due to the passage of time, it becomes a vulnerability where water can leak in.

Cracks In Foundation

Of course, a foundation is not built with structural weaknesses like cracks present, but these things can happen given enough time. A foundation that is decades old, for example, can show cracks due to the constant application of hydrostatic water pressure over generations. Even when it’s in the ground, water can exert pressure, and if it does this over a long enough time, that pressure can cause things to break.

Once cracks appear in a foundation, water from rain, melting snow, and other sources such as leaky swimming pools can make their way inside.

The Roof

Not all water gets into a property from the ground. Another very common point of vulnerability is the roof. A roof damage will unavoidably happen over time. Storm conditions with strong winds, animals gaining access to the roof, and even blocked gutters can cause water to leak down the side of the home and directly into the soil near the foundation, which can lead to footer/wall leakage.

A hole in a roof can lead to water entering the attic or roof crawlspace, and if this happens over a long enough period of time, it can result in bigger problems, like mold formation. Unfortunately, a roof problem can sometimes go unnoticed for years if people aren’t diligent about regular inspections. By the time many people notice water damage due to a roof issue, this often means it’s already too late.

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