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Water, Flood, Mold, Fire Damage Restoration
Annapolis, MD

Have flood waters or faulty plumbing soaked through your home or business? Has mold begun to rear its ugly head? Has your property been ravaged by fire and is now charred with ugly smoke damage? If so, we can clean up the mess, repair the damage and rebuild your property.

Time is essential when it comes to restoration work to your damaged property. Once you contact the professional property damage restoration experts at Capital Property Recovery we will immediately dispatch a damage assessment expert to survey the scene and begin setting the groundwork for our restoration process.

Our primary goal is to restore your residential or commercial location to its functional capacity, and in doing so…restore your sense of tranquility and your peace-of-mind.

To do this we will apply the efforts of our highly-skilled and experienced staff. They will immediately begin employing state-of-the-art equipment to remove destroyed portions of the home and repair and restore damaged areas. As a top-notch restoration service we always look to save as much of the preexisting structures as safety and integrity will permit.

Capital Property Recovery is standing by with emergency cleaning and restoration services
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Why Choose Capital Property Recovery For Water Damage Cleanup, Fire and Smoke Damage Repair or Mold Remediation?

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Water Damage Restoration Service In Annapolis, MD

Water damage is what is left behind after a flood or plumbing mishap and the damage can be mild or completely devastating. There are also different types of water, including “black water” which is highly infectious and toxic. It takes skill and experience to handle all types of flood damage and restore property to its proper “pre-damaged” condition. If your property has experienced water damage from leaking pipes, clogged drains, or heavy rains, call us to clean up the damage and conduct the proper restoration and build back work.

Our team prides itself on being responsive and delivering a comprehensive solution to damages caused by water, whenter great or small with equal speed and efficiency.

What is Flood Remediation?

After many decades of experience dealing with flooding and flood damage in the Annapolis area, our skilled technicians have honed their craft to perfection. This comes from seeing and addressing the damage caused by all types of floods caused by broken pipes, overflowing water mains, flooded canals, and blocked sewage pipes. We have handled all of these situations with expertise, professionalism, and precise restoration work.

We have a full team of professionals who know how to properly repair flood damaged structures and stem the damage by removing flood waters. It all begins with pumps, bins and blowers that will remove the water from the flooded location and begin drying the soaked materials. If we arrive in time, much of the original structures can be saved as the flood waters will not have a full chance to permeate the building materials.

We fully understand that these unfortunate events can have dire consequences if not handled professionally and precisely, for this reason we offer a full range of services and will stay at your side until all aspects of this situation have been resolved — we can even help you with declaring the information on your homeowner’s insurance.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Our expertise extends beyond the original water damage to the consequences that can ensue in the aftermath of the moisture damage. It is not always a dramatic tide of black water sweeping through a home that causes damages. Sometimes it is a seemingly innocuous dripping pipe somewhere in the bowels of the home or business property that allows for the formation of a dangerous mold colony.

Mold can be a problem for the structures and the health of all occupants and must be addressed professionally and effectively. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide a full range of mold remediation services, including cleanup, disposal and testing to ensure the mold conditions have been addressed.

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup and Repair

If your home has been burned in a fire or suffered soot, smoke damage you may be wondering what to do next. This is a tricky situation to address, but rest assured we have done this many times before and are confident that your home can be restored to its original condition despite the extent of damage.

Our team of well-equipped professionals will begin by removing all sections of the structures that are beyond restoration and restore everything else until your home and property are as good as new.

Call On The Property Damage Cleanup and Repair Experts In Annapolis, MD

Residential and commercial property owners never know when a disaster will strike, but for those living in Annapolis, MD the services of Capital Property Recovery are there to support them in getting their property back in functional order.

If your business property or home has been damaged by water, mold, or fire, call us today and we will be there for you until all is restored back to the way it was before the disaster.

Visiting Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis (just over 32 miles from Baltimore and home to around 610,000 residents) is perhaps best known as the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, but this town in Maryland has much more to offer than a proud naval tradition. It is also known as ‘America’s Sailing Capital’ – and when one considers that it offers easy access to the Chesapeake, as well as inland rivers and creeks, as well as incredibly scenic bays, this should come as no surprise.

Downtown Annapolis is characterized by some magnificent architecture. This is where four centuries of history come to life. However, that is not to say that Annapolis does not offer more modern pleasures, such as some of the best retail experiences in the state. For those who want to explore some excellent boutiques the place to be is on Maryland Avenue.

Annapolis has also built a great reputation among foodies. The dining scene offers everything from international cuisine such as Italian and Spanish-inspired dishes to some of the best seafood in the United States. It is difficult to single out one restaurant that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Two dining destinations that should not be missed are Chick & Ruth’s Delly in Downtown (incredible sandwich options and jumbo lump crab cakes) and ‘Les Folies Brasserie.’ Here one can sample inspired rustic French cooking. The fresh foie gras which is accompanied by sautéed caramelized apple and the coq au vin (with pearl onions, fresh mushrooms, and delectable bacon) are only two of the delights on the menu.

Don’t neglect the historic pubs of Annapolis. A great starting point would be The Drummer’s Lot Pub. Here Benjamin Franklin was known to share a drink with John Adams. Great wine and beer selection and fabulous ambiance.

The Annapolis Arts District should also not be missed. Incredible galleries such as the Whitehall Gallery and creative hotspots like ArtFarm are only two of the attractions.

Annapolis is a town well worth exploring for those who are interested in Naval history or watersports – but there are other delights around every corner.