ClickCease How To Remove Mold From Your Home

Tips On Removing Mold From Your Home

black mold growing on the wall

Mold causes a lot of damage to any home. The mold contaminates the air and it leads to health problems and breathing issues for anyone living in the house.

If you have had recent residential water damage you might very well be dealing with mold. It doesn’t take a long time for mold to grow and once it starts growing it spreads quickly.

Hiring a Professional Mold Removal Service vs. Do-It-Yourself

Handling mold can be dangerous which is why you need to use a professional mold removal service to get rid of the mold for you.  A professional service, like ours, is going to quickly and efficiently get rid of the mold so your house is safe again.

Removing mold is complicated and it is also dangerous. You only want professionals doing this job. Professionals have all of the right equipment and they actually know what they are doing.

When your home has water damage mold spores start to spread. All it needs is a damp surface to start growing.  A few spores will quickly turn into colonies. Before the mold can even be removed it is important to remove the moisture source.

Once the water has been dried up our restoration service can start treating the mold. Each situation is going to be different. We will evaluate the site and give you a customized treatment plan that is going to remove all of the molds quickly.

Mold Damage Assessment

The mold damage assessment is extensive. Our service will use a variety of methods to detect the mold. We use the latest technologies to ensure that we find the mold.

Mold Containment

Once the mold is detected it will need to be contained. For this we use advanced containment procedures to ensure that the mold and spores are going to be contained. Negative air pressure and physical barriers are often used during cleanup. This keeps the mold from spreading.

Air Filtration

The air in your home will need to be filtered to ensure that all of the mold spores have been removed from the air. It is crucial that all of the mold spores are removed if you don’t want to have any issues with the mold coming back. A special filtration system is going to remove all of the mold spores.

Antimicrobial and Anti-Fungal Treatments

The length of the treatment process is going to depend on how serious the mold infestation is and where the mold is. Our service uses industrial antimicrobial treatments to remove the mold, as well as also anti-fungal treatments to remove all of the mold colonies.

Any mold-infested materials will have to be removed. If the infestation is serious the carpeting and drywall might have to be removed as well. The contents of the rooms will need to be professionally cleaned as well. Once the cleaning is done your home will need to be deodorized to remove any lingering mold odors.

Our Professional Mold Remediation Service

Our service at Capital Property Recovery includes complete restoration of your home. We will make all repairs as needed which include replacing drywall, putting in new flooring, and painting. We will leave your home in the condition that it was in before it was damaged.