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How To Clean Up Water Damage After A Flood

dmaged bedroom due to flooding

A flood can cause serious damage to any home. It can damage the foundation of the home as well as all of the items inside of it. Here are a few steps you can take to reclaim your home and begin to clean up the water damage following a flood.

Steps To Cleaning Up Flood Water Damage

1. Make Safety A Priority

You might be eager to rush back into your home after a serious flood, but safety must be a top priority. You won’t be able to save any of your belongings if you hurt yourself trying to cross the floor. Serious water damage can cause structural damage to the house. Take a moment to assess the situation before entering a specific room.

First, make sure that the electricity to the home is turned off. This will prevent a dangerous shock from submerged electrical items or wires.

Second, check for any sagging of the ceiling or floor. Do not enter a room if either is sagging. Finally, wear a mask to avoid inhaling potential mold spores in the area.

2. Remove Excess Water

Once you are inside it’s time to begin removing pooled water. The best way to do this is with a high-quality wet-dry vacuum. Keep in mind that you should not attempt to do this if there is more than a foot of water in the room. If you attempt to remove very large amounts of water at a quick pace it could actually damage the home further.

You can also use towels to absorb excess water depending on the depth. However, you should not leave any wet fabrics in place after absorbing water. Hang them outside so that they can properly dry.

Take this time to open windows and allow for ventilation in the home. Of course, remember to keep safety as a priority. If the windows show any sign of damage, then avoid opening them until a professional arrives.

3. Moving Wet Items

With the excess water removed you can now begin to move water damaged items out of the home. This includes furniture, rugs, upholstery, and all smaller items. You should take them outside and space them across the lawn so that they have time to dry naturally. It’s very likely that many smaller items will need to be discarded completely.

4. Work With Professionals

It’s always a good idea to work with experienced professionals when handling water damage cleanup. They have the tools and experience necessary to return your home to its former glory. There may be several areas of water damage beneath the surface that would be difficult to spot by an untrained eye. Experts can also help deal with any potential mold growth in the home.

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