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Fire Prevention Safety Tips

A smoke detectorWith any luck, you’ll never experience a home fire in your lifetime. However, many people are not so lucky, and you could be one of them. Sometimes, flames may ignite from circumstances beyond your control. Then, hopefully, the fire department arrives quickly, or you’re able to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher before any structural damage is done.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any damage, though. You’ll could be left to deal with soot, smoke, and water damage. Thankfully, you won’t have to tackle the cleanup alone. That’s because there are businesses which provide fire/smoke damage cleanup services. These firms work with insurance companies to restore damaged home’s back to their original states.

Of course, most people would rather avoid being put in such situations in the first place. The following fire prevention safety tips may be able to help with that. Use them at your discretion to keep flames at bay.

Use Flashlights Instead Of Candles

Great. The power went out. Now what? Many homeowners light candles so that they can see during these times. However, having an open flame indoors can be dangerous. For instance, if the candle is left unattended for a moment, and you own a cat, the feline might jump up and knock it over onto some papers. In turn, the flame ignites them, and now, you’re contending with a house fire.

To prevent such an issue from arising, make sure your emergency preparedness kit is equipped with glow sticks and flashlights. Additionally, if the devices require batteries, ensure there are extras in the container. Using these items instead of candles reduces the risk of a fire.

Install/Replace/Test Smoke Alarms

It doesn’t matter if your home is outfitted with battery-operated or hardwired smoke detectors, it is recommended that all devices be replaced every ten years. Meanwhile, if your house doesn’t have smoke alarms, you should consider installing them. At a minimum, it is suggested they get installed outside every bedroom or sleeping area on every level. It is also in your best interest to test the smoke alarms in your home once per month to ensure they’re in working order. These devices will alert you to fires so that you can get out of the house or extinguish the flames with an extinguisher.

Turn Off Portable Heaters

Many homeowners use portable heaters to take chills out of rooms. The devices help them remain warm and cozy. However, if people aren’t careful, fires can start. For instance, if a person fails to turn a portable heater off in their bedroom before falling asleep, a cover could fall on top of it, and ignite. People should also shut units down when leaving rooms because all it would take is a paper, curtain, or something else getting blown a little too close to the heater for disaster to strike.

If your home sustains smoke and fire damage, don’t fret because all is not lost. Contact a fire damage cleanup company, like Capital Property Recovery. We’ll have your place back in stellar shape in a matter of no time.