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How To Hire The Services Of A Water Restoration Company For A Basement Flood Cleanup

water damage equipment drying out floodwater in the basement

A flood in your home can change your life. As long as you have insurance, what has been damaged will be repaired and replaced, but it is still a traumatic event. To make this easier, it is good to know about local water restoration companies and professionals that can help get things back to normal.

If you have a basement at your home, and a significant amount of water is there, that will need to be extracted quickly. You can either use a sump pump on your own, or you could simply use the services of a water damage restoration company that can do everything for you to get things to the way they were.

How Will a Mitigation Company Clean Up Your Basement?

Water Extraction

Basement cleanup operations begin with the extraction of standing water as quickly as they can. They will bring in one or more sump pumps, those that are professional grade, so that the water can be taken out in the shortest period of time possible.

Water Dry Out

After that, they will bring in fans and heaters. They will also assess the damage that has occurred. Based on their assessment, they can then tell you if anything was permanently damaged and needs to be removed and replaced. This information is also passed on to your insurance company that will allow you to get funding for their services. It should take no longer than a week with a smaller basement with minimal damage, and perhaps a little longer to complete repairs on larger basements.

What Type Of Damage Can Occur As A Result Of Flooding In A Basement?

There are three main types of damage that can occur in a basement as a result of flooding.

Wet Saturated Flooring

First of all, it can penetrate into the substructure of your floor. This would be the ceiling in the basement, and if the water came through the ceiling area, it is possible that dry rock may occur later on. They may have to replace many of the boards that are there, even if they are able to extract the water and dry out everything in an efficient manner.

Water Damaged Electrical System

The second type of damage would be to your electrical system. The water damage restoration company would assess if there are any wires or cables exposed to water and make sure the electrical system functions properly.

Wet Concrete

The third would be to the concrete floors and walls. All of this will be assessed by the flood restoration company that will do the repairs for you.

Recovering from flooding is never easy. It is a time-consuming process and can be very expensive. If you have insurance, you will not have to worry about the expense. It’s just about the time, and the trauma, of going through this process.


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