ClickCease Water, Mold, Fire Damage Restoration Bowie, MD

Water, Mold, and Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration
in Bowie, MD

If your home has been damaged due to fire, floods or mold growth it is imperative that you have this damage professionally addressed for the sake of your family, property and/or business. Call Capital Property Recovery to mitigate the damage and begin the important task of restoring your property.

The experienced professionals at Capital Property Recovery already have a plan in place to respond to your needs with utmost haste and handle all the emergency cleanup quickly and efficiently. Our number one priority will be getting your home back to normal in minimum time.

When Should You Contact Our Water Cleanup Services in Bowie?

Water can approach your house from just about any direction and can strike with speed and cause a great amount of destruction. Whether from heavy rain, floods or even busted pipes and backed up sewer mains, we have the skills, tools and experience to address any issue with speed and efficiency.

Call us if you have experienced:

  • Storm and flood damage
  • Leaks from burst plumbing, appliances, or water heaters
  • Backed up toilets, bathtubs, and sinks
  • Flooded basements
  • Sewage backups
  • Flooding from firefighting efforts

Because we have leading-industry equipment and superior experience, we can find every last vestige of moisture and ensure that your home has been properly and thoroughly cleaned and dried in the event of all kinds of water related disasters. We also have sophisticated disinfection and deodorizing tools and cleaning agents that will ensure that all contaminants are neutralized and the health and sanitation of your home has been restored to optimal levels.

Reconstruction After The Water Damage Has Been Cleaned Up

Water damage can warp wood, disintegrate drywall, damage floor materials and much more, but our professional restoration services will return your home to its original condition as it existed before your water related disaster. This may require minor repairs and replacement, or a complete overhaul and reconstruction of certain elements of architecture and furnishings.

But because we can handle the initial damage control in removing water, drying materials and disinfecting the area, we can also ensure that the restoration work is greatly simplified. By working with a single company to handle the water damage from start to finish you will enjoy lower costs, faster completion and streamlined communication that comes from working with a single comprehensive water damage restoration company.

Fire Damage Restoration In Bowie, MD

If your home has also experienced a fire, there may also be soot and smoke damage as well as burned materials that can cause you considerable stress. But have no fear, the property damage restoration experts at Capital Property Recovery have a precise plan, trained team and top-of-the-line tools to deliver a solution.

We can remove the damage caused by fire, neutralize the effects of smoke and contamination and also provide organic deodorization.

Our skilled team of experts has seen just about every type of fire damage you could possibly imagine in commercial, residential and even industrial locations. This means that they have the skills and resourcefulness to deliver an ideal solution no matter what type of damage you may be facing.

It is very important to be aware of the types of hazardous materials present. For example, asbestos and lead react to fire and heat in different ways. It is imperative to call in the professionals who know how to contain and restore damaged materials without creating new hazards.

So, if you have a property that has been struck by fire and is now in a state of disrepair, call Capital Property Restoration immediately.

Residential and Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold can very quickly sprout up in a home and must be addressed immediately. Mold spores exist ubiquitously and only require a few drops of moisture to spring to life in a thriving mold colony. It is important to note that if you can see a mold colony spreading, what you can see is only a small part of the problem and it is quite likely that there are more mold colonies situated in other parts of the premises.

As long as you have a source of running water and the smallest leak, you have all the conditions for a mold colony to take root and begin producing spores and new colonies.

To combat mold growth we have highly-skilled technicians who fully understand the nature of mold spores and are capable of controlling the spread of mold on your property. Mold not only damages the surfaces and materials where it establishes a colony, but the spores are airborne and can cause health risks if inhaled for prolonged periods of time.

Mold spores are a microscopic seed and special equipment is needed to detect the presence and quantity of these spores in your home environment. There will always be some spores in your home but testing can show abnormally high levels and also indicate that the situation has been restored to acceptable levels.

Our mold remediation process involves:

  1. Isolating Mold – the first thing to do will be to isolate the issue before any other measures can be taken. This will ensure that there is no cross contamination.
  2. Cleaning or Discarding Absorbent Materials – if materials have been affected by the mold, especially if the material in question is porous, like carpets or other fabric materials, it is typically the best course of action to dispose and replace the affected areas of the home.
  3. Removing Mold and Cleaning Surfaces – all affected areas of the home must be addressed with antimicrobial and biocide sprays.
  4. Drying – next, all moisture that is being provided to the mold colony must be removed. This involves using heavy duty air movers and moisture meters to ensure that the situation has been completely controlled.

Contact Capital Property Recovery for Water, Mold, or Fire Property Damage Restoration Services in Bowie, MD

We are your local team of experts in handling all types of water, mold, fire and smoke related issues. When your home reaches the worst possible conditions, we arrive to offer our best skills, experience and tools to restore your commercial, residential or industrial location to its original standards.

Not only will we apply our extensive experience in restoring your home but we will help you deal with the insurance provider to ensure you receive full value from the premiums you have already paid.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation where we will answer all the questions you may have and provide you peace of mind knowing your property is in the hands of experts.

Exploring Bowie, Maryland

Traveling Around 22 miles from Baltimore on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway route brings one to the outskirts of Bowie, a town of around 58,000 residents and the largest community in Prince George’s County, Maryland. However, the petite nature of Bowie has not affected its desirability as a suburban housing choice for those who want to enjoy a more sedate pace and a great lifestyle – but have easy access to the job and entertainment possibilities of Marland’s larger cities (such as Baltimore, Washington D.C. or Annapolis).

The small size of Bowie does not mean that residents of the suburb – or visitors will find that they are at a loose end when it comes to leisure or entertainment possibilities. For instance one of America’s most popular amusement parks, Six Flags (with its attached waterpark) is just outside Bowie – and offers great possibilities for a day out with the family.

Those who enjoy a round of golf are also spoiled for choice in Bowie and the immediate area around the community. The Country Club At Woodmore, Walden Country Club and the Enterprise Golf Course are all within easy reach.

For those with an interest in history, there are plenty of options for exploration in the area. One of the highlights must be Belair Estate. The mansion on the grounds was built in around 1745 for the Provincial Governor Samuel Ogle and his wife and today offers guided tours that reveal details of the daily life of the privileged during the mid-1700s.

For those who want to experience the relaxation of simply being outdoors, Bowie has some magnificent green space, including Allen Pond Park. The park features a lake (with boats for hire), an ice arena (for winter fun), an amphitheater, and a skate park.

Dining options also abound, with The Market Place Shopping Center offering a great choice of retail opportunities and dining destinations.

In short, Bowie is the perfect location for those who want to experience a great community with a small-town feel – but also have access to some of the most vibrant cities in Maryland.