ClickCease Cleaning Tips For Water Damage

Cleaning Tips For Water Damage

floodwater in the kitchen

Water damage is something that is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can be caused by a plethora of issues including but not limited to clogged drains, broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, and even storms.

Regardless of what the cause is, you must take the proper steps to deal with the water damage as soon as it occurs. In this article, we will discuss some of the top cleaning tips for water damage.

Use These Water Damage Mitigation Tips…

1. Remove The Water

The biggest thing that you want to get started with once it happens is to work to remove the water. You should be removing any standing water that is present by using sponges and blotting techniques. This can help you get rid of a lot of excess moisture that is built up which can pay off in a big way.

2. Remove Carpets and Rugs

If water has seeped through your carpets and rugs, you are going to want to remove them completely because failing to do so can lead to mold growth and hardwood floor deterioration. By removing or picking them up, you should be able to target the moisture that has seeped through below them.

3. Turn On Air Conditioning

One of the best ways to help improve the overall drying throughout your home is by turning on your air conditioning. You want plenty of ventilation going on throughout your home when you are dealing with a water damage cleanup.

4. Get Professional Water Removal Equipment

Another thing that you should look to do is rent industrial drying equipment. This includes wet vacuums, fans, dehumidifiers, and more. By getting all of this equipment in your home, you should be able to speed up the drying process significantly which can help minimize the damage that occurs and the chances for experiencing mold growth.

5. Remove Any and All Electronics

Another big thing that you are going to want to do is completely remove any and all electronics or any appliance that might be exposed to the damage. By doing this, you should be able to mitigate the risk of having your electronics spark and catch fire.

There is plenty that you need to do immediately once you become a victim of any kind of water damage. You want to do these things to minimize the potential for permanent damage and the chances of experiencing further issues like mold growth within your home.