ClickCease 3 Scenarios That Could Cause A Residential Fire

3 Scenarios That Could Cause A Fire Inside Your Home

A residential fire.There are probably a million different ways flames can ignite inside a home. However, we’re going to cover three particular scenarios that could occur, putting you, your family, and your structure in danger. The last thing anyone needs is for a fire to break out inside the home. Yet, that’s exactly what happens sometimes.

Therefore, do what you can to prevent issues. Also, you’ll want to take measures to protect those you love. For example, it is a good idea to install smoke detectors throughout the home and test them regularly. In addition, when testing them, consider holding fire drills so that you and your family can practice getting outside. The following are three scenarios that could leave your home with smoke and fire damage.

A Candle Left Burning

Most of us probably don’t believe a lit candle is all that dangerous. After all, these items are typically self-contained in jars, candle holders, or other containers. However, what if something like this plays out. The kitchen in your house smells a little musty, so you light a candle and place it on the window sill while washing dishes. A lovely aroma is produced, fills the room, and pleases your nose.

The phone rings in another room, so you head off to answer it, leaving the candle lit. Next, the family dog comes through the doggy door, creating a draft. This wind causes the curtain on the kitchen window to move and land on the flame. When you return to the room, the curtains are fully engulfed.

An Appliance Failure

Most manufacturers recommend homeowners get their HVAC systems inspected twice per year. The a/c should be serviced in the spring. Meanwhile, the heating side needs to be maintained in the fall. However, things get tight financially for some people. This is where you’re at in this scenario, so you skip inspections for a few years.

That allows a part to short, then break, and a fire starts in the attic. Luckily, everyone, including the family pet, gets out of the house safely, and the fire department is able to extinguish the flames, minimizing structural damage. This is just one of many scenarios that can leave a homeowner in need of a professional smoke and fire damage cleanup service.

A Lightning Strike

Builders and homeowners typically take precautions against lightning strikes. For example, grounding or lightning rods are installed in the ground and attached to the electrical system’s of homes via a wire. Then, if lightning strikes, the current is safely dispersed into the Earth. If precautions aren’t taken, or protective measures fail, a fire can start by getting struck by lightning. That is exactly what happened in this scenario.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and once again, the fire department extinguished the flames rather quickly. Water, soot, and smoke damage can be found throughout the structure, though. Therefore, professional assistance will likely be needed to clean and restore the building. If smoke and fire damage enter the picture, know that you don’t have to deal with the cleanup alone.

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